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Choir history

The Zvartnots choir was established in 1996 by encouragement of Reverend Fr Hagop Cherkezian and with the assistance of Dr Gakig Tamanyan as conductor and his wife concert pianist Mrs Takouhi Tamanyan. The choir had a very active period in presenting the Armenian community with traditional classical songs as well as international songs accompanied by the Mandolin orchestra.

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Its concerts were performed at different venues in Melbourne like Caulfield Town Hall and City Town Hall and in New South Wales successfully. The choristers had the privilege to perform under the baton of famous conductor Ohannes Tchekidjyan from Armenia as well as together with the famous Armenian singer soprano Mrs Arax Mansourian, resident in Sydney. The choir has also participated to all church tabernacles regularly.

Zvarnots church choir has come a long way since its inception in 1996 and has achieved recognition and success amongst the Armenian and Australian communities thanks to the dedication and sacrifice of its members and especially through the conductor Dr Gakig Tamanyan and pianist Mrs Takouhi Tamanyan due to their love of music.

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The choristers have been lucky again to have the services of Mrs Venus Harutunyan as pianist and conductor, to keep them going in their desire to continue performing and presenting traditional classical Armenian songs to the Melbourne community.

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