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Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.[Matthew 5:4]

Requiem information

The Armenian Church holds a respected tradition of praying for the souls of loved ones who have passed away.

On the fortieth day following a death and on subsequent anniversaries, a special prayer service is conducted and the names of the deceased are read during the Divine Liturgy.

The Armenian Church teaches that those who have died enter into a period of rest until Christ’s glorious second coming. We pray for them in the same way we pray for our earthly cares, asking that the Lord grant them peace and forgiveness and grant them entrance into His kingdom.

Praying for the dead is a testament to our faith in Christ’s second coming and our hope in the resurrection of the dead. Through these prayers, we are reminded that life is short and that death is not the end. Our hope lies in the promise of eternal life in the Father’s kingdom when Christ comes again.


Booking a requiem

By phone

Contact the church office by phone on (03) 9836 1194 to organise a requiem before 11am Sunday each week

Complete PDF form

Print, complete and return the requiem form PDF document to the office or email and attach and send to, before 11am Sunday each week

In person

Requiems may also be registered at the church office on Sunday mornings before 11.00 a.m. for remembrance of the deceased only

Requiem form (PDF)

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