Aginian School, under the umbrella of the Armenian Apostolic church, has been serving the Melbourne-Armenian community since its establishment in 1968.
The founders were our first resident Parish Priest (now Archbishop) Vosgan Kalpakian and Mrs Sirarpi Der Avedissian who continued to serve as Principal for 40 years.

Currently the school has classes from Kinder to Year 10 and offers VCE LOTE Units 1- 4 to Aginian and non- Aginian students who wish to gain more knowledge in the language and gain extra ATAR Scores in their VCE exams.
The classes are held on Saturdays, at 2-4 Norfolk Road, Surrey Hills (adjacent to St Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church) between 2.00-5.30pm. Lesson Plans are divided into 4 Terms and students receive Report cards mid Semester and at the end of the school year. The school curriculum is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).
Armenian Aginian School is accredited by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) every 3 years and is registered with the Victorian Regulations and Qualifications Authority (VRQA). It’s also a member of the Community Languages Victoria.
Under the leadership of its current Principal Mrs Ilda Deryan and a dedicated school council, Aginian School teachers (all trained in language teaching) strive to teach the Armenian language, history and culture to the young generation of Armenian students and to keep our identity alive.